Build a HTML 5 DOM Element to PDF Generator Using dom-to-pdf Library in Browser Using Javascript Full Project For Beginners




dom-to-pdf generates a printable PDF from DOM node using HTML5 canvas and svg.


npm install --save dom-to-pdf


var domToPdf = require('dom-to-pdf');

var element = document.getElementById('test');
var options = {
  filename: 'test.pdf'
domToPdf(element, options, function() {


  • filename – string, name of resulted PDF file, default name is generated.pdf
  • excludeClassNames – array of strings, list of class names of elements to exclude from PDF, e.g. ['Loading', 'ExcludeMeFromPdf']
  • excludeTagNames – array of strings, list of html tags to exclude from PDF, e.g. ['button', 'input', 'select']
  • overrideWidth – number, overrides a width of a container DOM element
  • proxyUrl – string, e.g. /api/proxyImage?url=, a route in your app which renders images on your domain in order to avoid problems with CORS with the images on a DOM
  • compression – string, compression of the generated image, can have the values ‘NONE’, ‘FAST’, ‘MEDIUM’ and ‘SLOW’. (default is ‘NONE’)

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