Build a Adobe Acrobat Clone PDF Document Live Editor in Browser Using Node.js & Javascript Full Project For Beginners





labelmake is a declarative style PDF generation library for Node and the browser.

Other PDF generation libraries makes program complex by imperative operations. So, I developed this library aiming at a more simple declarative style PDF generation library. Finally, the layout engine and design & code generator tools make PDF generation so easy!

Learn more at official website


Use npm to install the latest version.

npm install labelmake

You can use Yarn, NuGet or other methods as well. You can load it directly from jsDelivr.


  • Input data supports the following input types.
    • Text
      • Custom font
      • Styling(size, color, aliginment, etc.)
    • Image
      • JPG
      • PNG
    • Barcode
      • QR Code
      • Japan Post 4 State Customer Code
      • EAN-8, EAN-13
      • Code 39, Code 128
      • Codabar(NW-7)
      • UPC-E, UPC-A
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Development tools


Templates can be customized with design tools. and code can be generated with a generator.

API Reference




Official Github Repository


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