Add Instagram Photos To Your Website Without API – jQuery instagramFeed

Welcome folks today in this post we will be discussing about how to add Instagram Photos to your Website without any kind of 3rd Party API. For this purpose we will be using a special jQuery library called as instagramFeed. This library allows you to embed the photos of your instagram profile straight to your website without having to use their api and provide user credentials such as access_token all that dirty little stuff. This library makes it easy for all non techies out there to do this functionality in simple steps. The screenshot of the application is given below. And also a demo video is also shown in which all the steps are shown. All the source code of the application is also there to download.


Demo of Application




Example 1: Default feed styling




Example 2: Only want images?




Example 3: Want to load more or change the display?




Example 4: Want to fetch a TAG?




Example 5: Want to display IGTV?




Example 6: Don’t like our styles at all?





Example 7: Don’t either like our template?





Download Source Code


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