Java Project to Convert Powerpoint Slideshow (.PPTX) Files to PNG,JPEG Images on Command Line Full Project For Beginners

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This is a library that can convert slideshow (ppt or pptx format) into images (jpg, png, bmp or wbmp format) . It’s based on Apache POI,but with images of higher quality and simplier apis. What you need to use the library,is just importing the dependencies and the single class.

这个工具类可以将ppt或者pptx文件转换为图片(支持4中格式jpg、png、bmp和wbmp)。 它基于Apache poi,但转换图片质量更高,api更加简洁。 使用它,仅需导入依赖和唯一个一个类PPTToImgConverter即可


Some examples to show how to use this. 这是一些展示如何使用的小例子





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