Build a PDF Generator Android App in Kotlin or Java From HTML Template Full Project For Beginners

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PDF Generator library, easy way to create PDF from String Content or Any HTML Content.

Get Started

Quick Start

In order to start using PdfGenerator, Just copy below code to your project and just pass the required values and that’s all you done!

Kotlin Code:

Java Code:

NOTE: ( Provide STORAGE Permission if you are providing filePath to library )

In library, I’m not handling any storage permission related exception, If you are providing your custom filePath then your application must have STORAGE READ-WRITE Permission in order to store Pdf in provided path.


  • setPdfName : String

Provide Your Pdf name, Library will use to save pdf with this name.

  • openPrintDialog : Boolean

Default is false, If you set true it will send your pdf for print and open the android default pdf print view.

  • setContentBaseUrl : String

If you are loading content from assets folder in that case you can pass your base url here, same as we passed in webview.

  • setPageSize : PrintAttributes.MediaSize

To set custom page size for your pdf, you will have to pass the mediaSize as argument.

Example – For A4 size: PrintAttributes.MediaSize.ISO_A4 | ISO_A0 | ISO_A1

  • setContent : String

Provide your String content, which you want to generate Pdf.

  • setFilePath : String

Provide custom file path to save pdf in your own directory, default will be the cache directory of Application

  • setCallbackListener : Listener Interface

Set this callback listener to get callback on pdf generated.


  • Easily Generate Pdf
  • No Extra codes
  • Time saving
  • Lightweight





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