Implement Google Auth in PHP using cURL Http Request

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In this Tutorial We will be building Login with Google Functionality from scratch. All the Source code of the Application is given below with application screenshots.





First of all go to your google developers console and create a new project and enter the redirect url and then generate the client id and client secret of the application as shown in the figure.



Make a new file settings.php to store all the credentials such as client id client secret and redirect url



Make a index.php file which will be the starting point of the application and include the settings.php file also in it



Make a last but very important file of this application the redirect url file i.e. in my case login.php this will take the code which is sent by google and generate the access token and make a request to google for the information of the user all the source code is given below



Congratulations we are done making a complete application in which we have implemented Google Auth in PHP with the help of cURL Http Request from scratch. Thanks for reading this post and if you like reading this and wants to read more of this please subscribe the blog below to get all the notications.


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