How to Integrate Emojis Keyboard in Android App

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Welcome folks I am back with another blog post. In this post we will be implementing Android Emojis Keyboard in our Android Application. Emojis play a very vital role in the success of many realtime chatting apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. So integrating them is quite easy with the library called SuperNova-Emoji library. We will be using this library in this tutorial. So let get’s started with the post.


To get started with the library you need to include it in the top level or project level build.gradle file of your Android project. Just add the following lines of code given below under repositories.



To get started with the library just copy paste the code under the dependencies section of the module build.gradle file of the app.





The first step is to create the layout of the android application. Just copy paste the following code in to the activity_main.xml file.




After making the layout of the app we must also write code for the logic of the app so just copy paste the below code into the java file.







As you can see whenever the user launches the app it receives the emojis keyboard with the default option of selecting the default emojis and also disabling that option and having the custom emojis in the keyboard. This is the functionality of emojis we have successfully implemented in our app.


Congratulations we are done implementing Emojis Keyboard in our Android App using the SuperNova Emojis Library. Thanks for reading the post and if you want to receive more tutorials like this please subscribe to the newsletter.

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