Python 3 Django weasyprint Example to Convert HTML5 Template to PDF Document Using django-weasyprint Library Full Project For Beginners



pip install django-weasyprint



import functools

from django.conf import settings
from django.views.generic import DetailView

from django_weasyprint import WeasyTemplateResponseMixin
from django_weasyprint.views import CONTENT_TYPE_PNG, WeasyTemplateResponse

class MyModelView(DetailView):
    # vanilla Django DetailView
    model = MyModel
    template_name = 'mymodel.html'

class CustomWeasyTemplateResponse(WeasyTemplateResponse):
    # customized response class to change the default URL fetcher
    def get_url_fetcher(self):
        # disable host and certificate check
        context = ssl.create_default_context()
        context.check_hostname = False
        context.verify_mode = ssl.CERT_NONE
        return functools.partial(django_url_fetcher, ssl_context=context)

class MyModelPrintView(WeasyTemplateResponseMixin, MyModelView):
    # output of MyModelView rendered as PDF with hardcoded CSS
    pdf_stylesheets = [
        settings.STATIC_ROOT + 'css/app.css',
    # show pdf in-line (default: True, show download dialog)
    pdf_attachment = False
    # custom response class to configure url-fetcher
    response_class = CustomWeasyTemplateResponse

class MyModelDownloadView(WeasyTemplateResponseMixin, MyModelView):
    # suggested filename (is required for attachment/download!)
    pdf_filename = 'foo.pdf'

class MyModelImageView(WeasyTemplateResponseMixin, MyModelView):
    # generate a PNG image instead
    content_type = CONTENT_TYPE_PNG

    # dynamically generate filename
    def get_pdf_filename(self):
        return 'foo-{at}.pdf'.format(

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