Python 3 Django to Build Ecommerce Shopping Website Using SQLite Database & Bootstrap 4 Full Project For Beginners




PyShop is an online Python Ecommerce website built with Django, SQLite and Bootstrap. A simple and lightweight ecommerce app easily deployable anywhere anytime with modules developed upon the inbuilt django admin.

Get Started

To setup the PyShop project, here is the following guidelines:

  • Clone the repository git clone
  • Open Project folder on terminal
  • Create migrations using python3 makemigrations
  • Run migrations python3 migrate
  • Start your dev server with python3 runserver
  • Visit your App using
  • Create super user to access admin dashboard using python3 createsuperuser
  • Follow the prompts after Username: , Email address: , Password: , Password (again):
  • Visit Admin Page using and login with the credentials created above.
  • Add Products under the Products Menu, Add Offers also.
  • Visit Products Page using
  • Visit New Arrival (Products) Page using
  • Wish codebase to extend code? just say hi

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