Python 3 Django Inventory Mangement System With Invoice Bill PDF Document Generator Using Reportlab Library Web App in Browser Full Project For Beginners




A minimal Inventory Management System using Django


  • Easy to use
  • A simple GUI
  • Faster load speeds (thanks to Django 2.x!)
  • Reports for keeping track of payments
  • Download invoice PDF
  • What is see is waht you get



How to use

  • Download the zip
  • Extract the contents
  • Install all dependencies by executing the following command:
    $pip install -r inventory_management/requirements.txt
  • For running the application simply execute the following commands:
    $python3 migrate
    $python3 runserver
  • For creating a user execute:
    $python3 createsuperuser
    # Follow the instructions
  • You can now login to the system!
  • For first time use, visit and under Works section select Challan Number. Then click on add challan number and add 1 in the textbox and click save. Now you can use the app by visiting


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