Python 3 Django Advanced Scientific Calculator in Browser Using HTML5 & Javascript Full Project For Beginners




There are two project based on beginner level. The first project is based on simple Mathematical calculator and the other project is based on Voting poll using Django programming language. I really enjoyed in learning and creating project based on Django and getting an experience on backend code

I have also used bootstrap to create forms, adding table, creating progress bar and many more things. I have added image to create attractness towards the user. Then there are alert handling message for the forms. There is also adding instruction to use the application and submitting query to get the results, there is list for voting poll where data will be sorted in ascending order according to the resultant poll.

How to run project

  • Download Project or Clone Repository, extract files and move inside project folder, and type the following commands.
  • Run Command “pip install -r requirements.txt”
  • Run Command “python runserver”

  • For Calculator App
  • “**Change in ‘DIRS’: [os.path.join(BASE_DIR,’templates/calculatorapp’)]”
  • Open the link “localhost:8000/calculatorapp”

  • For Voting App
  • “**Change in ‘DIRS’: [os.path.join(BASE_DIR,’templates/votingapp’)]”
  • Open the link “localhost:8000/votingapp”

Home Screen and other major screens Snap:

t1 t3 t4 Calc5

voting3 voting2 voting1




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