Deno.js Tutorial to Generate Short Random or Sequential UUID of any Length Using TypeScript Full Project For Beginners



Deno Short UUID Module


This is a random UUID generation module which allows you to set your own dictionary and length.


Platform Support


This repo is pulled as a submodule by the npm package short-unique-id. This allows us to support the following platforms through TypeScript and deno bundle:




You can find the docs and online generator at:





import ShortUniqueId from '';

const uid = new ShortUniqueId();

// Random UUID of length 6 (default)
console.log(uid()); // x6trff

// Random UUID of length 12
console.log(uid(12)); // wwL44UU5K0z3

const abUid = new ShortUniqueId({
  dictionary: ['a', 'b'],
  shuffle: false,

// Sequential UUID (using internal counter)
console.log(abUid.seq()); // a
console.log(abUid.seq()); // b
console.log(abUid.seq()); // ab
console.log(abUid.seq()); // bb
console.log(abUid.seq()); // aab
// ...


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