Deno.js Nodemon Alernative Module to Automatically Restart File or App on Changes Using denovamon Module in TypeScript Full Project For Beginners




a Watcher for all changes that occur in your deno project. a Module to detect any change files and automatically restart your server. Inspired by Nodemon. Denovamon will automatically reload every time an access event occurs such as modification, delete, and a new file or folder.


inspired by



Simple Use with Executable File

install denovamon :

deno install --allow-all

and the,simple. Call in your terminal :

denovamon start --command="deno run --allow-net myapp.ts"

Simple Use with Online File

for fast run, you can use this command

deno run -A start --command="deno run --allow-net app.ts"

Ignore with regex patern (multiple separate by coma):

deno run -A start --command="deno run -A app.ts" --ignore="tes.ts,app.ts"

Clear Terminal On Restart Command :

deno run -A start --command="deno run -A app.ts" --clear-on-restart

if you using windows, you must add option “–os=win”

deno run -A start --command="deno run -A app.ts" --clear-on-restart --os=



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Programming Use

import { Denovamon, IOptions } from "";

let options: IOptions = {
    path: Deno.cwd(),
    command: "deno run -A app.ts",
    clearOnRestart: true,
    os: 'linux',
    ignore: ['tes.ts']

let watcher = new Denovamon(options);




and then run denovamon with :

deno run --allow-read --allow-run denovamon.ts


The option must implement IOptions from :

import { IOptions } from "";
  • path string : Path denovamon watching.
  • command string : command to be run.
  • throttle number : the waiting time before detecting the modification and restarting the command.
  • clearOnRestart boolean : clear terminal on restarting command.
  • os string : your current os, this is required for|linux|mac
  • ignore Array<string> : ignoring wathcing with regex pattern.
  • stdout string : subprocess, see Docs
  • stderr string : subprocess, see Docs

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