C Program to Draw Rainbow Shape Using Graphics Programming Full Project For Beginners

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// A C program to make a rainbow. This program would only
// work in Turbo C compiler in DOS compatible machine

// function for making of rainbow
void rainbow()
    // auto detection
    int gdriver = DETECT,gmode;
    int x, y, i;

    // initialize graphics mode(passed three arguments to
    // initgraph function)
    // &gdriver is the address of gdriver variable, &gmode is
    // the address of gmode and
    // "C:\\Turboc3\\BGI" is the directory path where BGI files are stored

    x = getmaxx() / 2;//finding centre x-ordinate of screen
    y = getmaxy() / 2;//finding centre y-ordinate of screen

    for (i=30; i<200; i++)
        // delay function under dos.h for holding the
        // function for some time

        // selecting color for making of rainbow

        // making of arc with fixed centre and increasing radius
        arc(x, y, 0, 180, i-10);
// driver program
int main()
    return 0;

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