C++ FFMPEG Program to Build RTSP Live Streaming Server to Take Multiple Pictures From Multiple Cameras

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running the program playing in VLC A RTSP server for streaming the combined picutre from mutiple webcams.

It reads pictures from mutiple webcams (dshow devices) using FFMPEG library, combined them into a mosaic picuture, and streaming them out through unicast RTSP server using live555 library.

The program reads a settings from config.txt.

For your convenience, copies of FFMPEG and live55 library and header files are also included.


  • Read camera configuration (device name, device number, framerate) from a text file (see an exmaple in config.txt);
  • Select encoder and set its parameters from the text file, no need to reprogram;
  • Separate threads for camera reading (one for each camera), video encoding and RTSP services, minimize the video delay.



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