C Allegro Graphics Program to Build Multiplayer Badminton Court Game GUI Desktop App Full Project For Beginners

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This is a mini badminton game created using Allegro 4.2.2 library in C. Can be compiled for windows and linux.

How to compile?

Linux: ~$ gcc main.c allegro-config --libs -o badminton

Windows: Run the “windows_make.bat” file in the directory

The machine should have already installed allegro 4.2.2 package.

Project Source Description:

  • Images:

    • MenuImage All the images used in menu
    • All other images
  • Sounds:

    • All the sounds used in the game
  • main.c : This includes all other sources, so compiling this file only is enough

  • collison.c: Includes collision related functions and checks

  • controls.c: Includes functions to check user input and modify the coordinate of objects

  • draw_objects.c: Includes functions to output text and draw images

  • files.c: Used for score-keeping (Currently not used)

  • fundamentals.c: Variable declaration

  • initialize.c: Variable initialization

  • reset.c: Includes functions to reset the game after one session ends

  • sound.c: Includes functionst to play appropriate sounds

  • users.c: Used for score-keeping (Currently not used)

  • welcome_screen.c: Includes the functions related to welcome screen. This is where the game loop enters at first.

Other files:

  • windows_make.bat: Run this file to compile this game for windows (double click / from cmd)
  • badminton: Executable for Linux






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