Build a C++ Graphics ICC Cricket World Cup & IPL League Multiplayer Cricket Game With Stadiums & Players in Command Line

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This game was entirely developed on C++. And hence the low graphics xD

Note: This code works only on Turbo C++ environment

Highly recommend you guys to check out my video having the demo:


Make sure Graphics.h is imported, that is the key library in the entire project.

A good ram is recommended to avoid buffering.

Just click Ctrl+F9 and it works like a charm:”)

Let’s navigate through some screenshots

  • Below shown is the welcome screen and main menu of the program. Now let’s move on to the real fun.

  • Next we move on to team selection. Select your dream team!

  • Check out your target and play accordingly

  • Final look at your team line up

  • Well what are you waiting for? Win the match!!

  • Some things you wanna see

  • Some things you dont wanna see xD

  • Oh also you can pause anytime, just press esc😌

  • Score tracker after end of each over

  • Hope you get the cup!

All the best!!!!!!!!!!!!







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