Angular 9 jsPDF PDF Document Invoice Manager or Generator in MongoDB Using Passport Authentication (MEAN) Web App in Browser Using TypeScript Full Project For Beginners



Invoice Manager


Manage your clients and invoices at one place. MEAN Stack mini-project

Deployed website


  • SignUp / SignIn.
  • Forgot / Reset password.
  • create / edit / delete Clients.
  • create / edit / delete Invoices.
  • View and Download invoice in pdf format.


To run the project locally

  • clone this Repository by git clone
  • In /src/environments/environment.ts file change
    production: false,
    apiUrl: ''
  • Run the following in terminal in sequence
    • cd Invoice-Manager
    • npm install
    • ng s
  • Open your browser and enter url http://localhost:4200

Tech Stack

MEAN Stack

- MongoDB
- Express
- Angular
- Nodejs

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