Angular 9 Google Calendar API Example to Add Events & Holidays in Browser Using TypeScript Full Project For Beginners




An Angular component to add events to google calendar.


  1. Run npm i add-events-to-google-calendar
  2. import { AddToCalendarModule } from 'add-events-to-google-calendar'; in app.module.ts file
  3. imports: [ ...., AddToCalendarModule ], in @NgModule in app.module.ts file


<app-add-to-calendar [startDate]='"8/25/2019"' [startTime]='"5:00 pm"' [endDate]='"8/25/2019"' [endTime]='"8:00 pm"' [title]='"Angular Google Event Component"' [details]='"Angular Google Event Component"' [location]='"The Bar, New York, NY"'></app-add-to-calendar>


Attribute Description
startDate Start Date of the event
startTime Start Time of the event
endTime End Time of the event
endDate End Date of the event
title Title of the event
details Description of the event
location Location of the event

Add this component in your Application and pass all required parameters

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